CBCA Kids' Corner
I created an illustration for the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Kids' Corner magazine. Planning stories, creating worlds and caring for the environment were the themes for the June edition.
With these themes in mind, I was interested in showing how all things in life are connected and part of one big, wandering story and I also wanted it to be fun and bright.
I started with the idea of having lots of different shapes with animals and plants inside them, but when I initially sketched this I realised it didn’t really speak of connection or wandering, but then the idea of a winding snake came to mind.
I added lots of different textures, scribbles and patterns to show the diversity of nature and the environment. I used graphite pencil, ink and oil paint to create the line-work and textures before scanning everything and adding colour digitally in Photoshop.
Below are some of the original drawings and textures used in this illustration.